Are you Fearful for Your Childrens Future now we have Voted to Leave the EU?

Well I didn’t expect that!! My sister text me first thing this morning to share her thoughts on what to us was a shocking result. Yes my personal choice was to stay in. Like many I put the television on and for a while started to drown in the enormity of what has happened. I […]

Be Kind and Be Courageous

I spent Easter weekend with a man I have loved for 40 years ever since we were teenagers. We were together for 10 years, then married for the next 20 and divorced for the last 10. Now life has unexpectedly brought us full circle and we are back together. The added bonus  now is that […]

Halloween and Bonfire Night – Have Fun but Stay Safe.

Do you share your child’s excitement and enthusiasm for Halloween and Bonfire Night or are you finding that both occasions challenge your deepest fears about their safety? I have spoken to many Parents like you this week and I am sure you’ll not be surprised to know that many are feeling anxious about the safety […]

Parents, are you adding Unnecessary Pressure to your Child?

“Parents are damaging their children by wanting to live precariously through their achievements and by adding unnecessary pressures in their academic and extra curricular activities” This is a quote from Mr David Hanson the Chief Executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools which I am sure will be invoking a strong reaction from you […]

A Declutter Revelation from my Divorce.

I have realised that on both occasions this year when I felt desperately sad because of the loss of one of my horses  I suddenly felt a strong desire to declutter  my home!! Now to be honest I am not a huge hoarder so it is not a stressful process for me but it did […]