Be Bold for Change

Ladies the world looks like it is going crazy and according to a comment made by the Dalai Lama back in 2009 it is the western women who will save it! Are you ready for the challenge? I know, I know, you would if only you had the time! Well if you are a Mum, […]

Are you ready for a Listening Challenge?

I have just returned from Shine, the beauty salon in Stroud where I get my nails done. I had an extra appointment today because a couple of my nails had chipped. Today Freya, my beauty therapist, and I commented on how long a minute seemed to take when you are waiting for it to pass! […]

How Can I Show You I Love You ?

” I don’t want to merge into a couple. I want to be in a relationship where we choose to walk side by side down a similar path for as long as we are making each other happy” I said this to a now ex-boyfriend some years ago. To be honest it didn’t go down […]

Not a Nice Man.

After a few days away I am recycling the food that I can no longer eat from  the fridge. It is a murky day outside and the kitchen is dark so I have 2 spot lights on over the central island. As I go in and out of the fridge pulling out more lifeless veggies […]

What is Your Favourite Part of Christmas?

I love putting up the Christmas Trees. This is my absolute favourite part of Christmas. I pour a small glass of port and play some classic christmas tunes then get creative. No matter what I do the tree always looks magical to me when I finish it and it warms my heart, although that could […]

To Believe in something and not to Live it is Dishonest!

    After my blog on honesty yesterday I came across this quote from Ghandi. This is a tough one to accept and really hit home for me. How many times do we let other people’s needs or opinions get in the way of us being who we truly choose to be? I can remember […]