Are you ready for a Listening Challenge?

I have just returned from Shine, the beauty salon in Stroud where I get my nails done. I had an extra appointment today because a couple of my nails had chipped. Today Freya, my beauty therapist, and I commented on how long a minute seemed to take when you are waiting for it to pass! […]

Not a Nice Man.

After a few days away I am recycling the food that I can no longer eat from  the fridge. It is a murky day outside and the kitchen is dark so I have 2 spot lights on over the central island. As I go in and out of the fridge pulling out more lifeless veggies […]

What is the greatest gift you can give your child?

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your child’s education and the qualifications that they will or won’t get? Do you find it difficult to get them to understand the value of a good education? As an ex teacher I will always value a good education but I believe there are  other qualities […]