Why would Your Child Chose You to Be Their Parent?

” Children are a blessing from the Universe. These bright spirits have come to give us love and light. Children are old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience and have chosen you, their parents, for the  lessons and challenges they’ll be given. Our children are here to teach us the meaning of things […]

A Declutter Revelation from my Divorce.

I have realised that on both occasions this year when I felt desperately sad because of the loss of one of my horses  I suddenly felt a strong desire to declutter  my home!! Now to be honest I am not a huge hoarder so it is not a stressful process for me but it did […]

What label does your child wear?

The Pain A few years ago I worked with a young teenage girl, I will call her Lisa. who was causing her Parents and her school many problems. As I observed her at home and talked to her in private I could feel her pain. She was different, she did not fit in and  she was feeling […]