How Can I Show You I Love You ?

” I don’t want to merge into a couple. I want to be in a relationship where we choose to walk side by side down a similar path for as long as we are making each other happy” I said this to a now ex-boyfriend some years ago. To be honest it didn’t go down […]

To Believe in something and not to Live it is Dishonest!

    After my blog on honesty yesterday I came across this quote from Ghandi. This is a tough one to accept and really hit home for me. How many times do we let other people’s needs or opinions get in the way of us being who we truly choose to be? I can remember […]

What do you do all day when the kids are at school?!!!!!!!

This morning it happened. I heard those challenging words for the first time. “What do you do all day when the kids are at school?¬†“Arghhhhhh!!!! ¬†Evidently I have 6 whole hours every school day to “get something done” Ladies what do you do? Get angry and shout? Get emotional and cry? Become lost for words […]