Be Bold for Change

Ladies the world looks like it is going crazy and according to a comment made by the Dalai Lama back in 2009 it is the western women who will save it! Are you ready for the challenge? I know, I know, you would if only you had the time! Well if you are a Mum, […]

To Believe in something and not to Live it is Dishonest!

    After my blog on honesty yesterday I came across this quote from Ghandi. This is a tough one to accept and really hit home for me. How many times do we let other people’s needs or opinions get in the way of us being who we truly choose to be? I can remember […]

Mum do you suffer from Overwhelmitis?

My partner left the house at 5.30 am to go to work. The children were up, washed, dressed, had breakfast and were ready to go at 8am but their Mum was running late so she didn’t pick them up until 8.45. The children are now out for an extra  day with their Mum and Grandmother. […]

What Does the World Look Like From Your Childs Point of View?

Have you ever stopped to think what the world looks like from your child’s point of view? We love to share a child’s sense of fun when they are playing real or imaginary games. We love their sense of curiosity, although we often run out of answers to the question why? Thank goodness for the […]

Why would Your Child Chose You to Be Their Parent?

” Children are a blessing from the Universe. These bright spirits have come to give us love and light. Children are old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience and have chosen you, their parents, for the  lessons and challenges they’ll be given. Our children are here to teach us the meaning of things […]

Are you Fearful for Your Childrens Future now we have Voted to Leave the EU?

Well I didn’t expect that!! My sister text me first thing this morning to share her thoughts on what to us was a shocking result. Yes my personal choice was to stay in. Like many I put the television on and for a while started to drown in the enormity of what has happened. I […]