Are you Fearful for Your Childrens Future now we have Voted to Leave the EU?

Well I didn’t expect that!! My sister text me first thing this morning to share her thoughts on what to us was a shocking result. Yes my personal choice was to stay in. Like many I put the television on and for a while started to drown in the enormity of what has happened. I […]

4 Activities to do for Mothers Day with a child whose Mum has died.

Mothers Day is a very difficult day for a child whose Mum has died. I know because my Mum died when I was only 6 years old. At school there is always an activity making Mothers Day cards and the other children are looking forward to the surprises they are preparing for their Mums. Mothers […]

Halloween and Bonfire Night – Have Fun but Stay Safe.

Do you share your child’s excitement and enthusiasm for Halloween and Bonfire Night or are you finding that both occasions challenge your deepest fears about their safety? I have spoken to many Parents like you this week and I am sure you’ll not be surprised to know that many are feeling anxious about the safety […]

How to make the Move to Secondary School Less Stressful for You and Your child

Have you  started to  think about your children going back to school yet? May be you are fed up of hearing the phrase ” I’m bored” and so you are counting the days or may be you have suddenly realised there is only a couple of weeks to go and there seems to be so […]