Mum do you suffer from Overwhelmitis?

My partner left the house at 5.30 am to go to work. The children were up, washed, dressed, had breakfast and were ready to go at 8am but their Mum was running late so she didn’t pick them up until 8.45. The children are now out for an extra  day with their Mum and Grandmother. […]

Are you Fearful for Your Childrens Future now we have Voted to Leave the EU?

Well I didn’t expect that!! My sister text me first thing this morning to share her thoughts on what to us was a shocking result. Yes my personal choice was to stay in. Like many I put the television on and for a while started to drown in the enormity of what has happened. I […]

4 Activities to do for Mothers Day with a child whose Mum has died.

Mothers Day is a very difficult day for a child whose Mum has died. I know because my Mum died when I was only 6 years old. At school there is always an activity making Mothers Day cards and the other children are looking forward to the surprises they are preparing for their Mums. Mothers […]

Dear Dad, I can help.

Dear Dad, Are you a widowed Father who suddenly found himself with sole responsibility for your children? Or are you a Father going through a divorce  who is  worrying that the divorce will affect your relationship with  your children? Dad I want you to know that I believe Fathers are equally as important as Mothers […]