Be Bold for Change

Ladies the world looks like it is going crazy and according to a comment made by the Dalai Lama back in 2009 it is the western women who will save it! Are you ready for the challenge?

I know, I know, you would if only you had the time!

Well if you are a Mum, I believe you can change the world. I believe you are influencing it every day because you have the most important role of all. You are nurturing the next generation.


(MQ) Dalai Lama Western Women will save the world

If we are going to make the world a better place, a kinder place, then as a Mum you are on the front line of change.

And the tools that you are using are your values.

Your Values

The values that you hold dear are the values that you demonstrate to your children every day. These are the values that they in turn will take out into the world. The way they treat other people, the way they view the world, their vision, their happiness, their success, finding their place in the world, all these things are based on the values that are important to you today.

I appreciate that as busy Mums you do not often think about your personal values. They are simply the quiet foundations to every thought you have and every decision you make but you do not consciously think, ” Yes I am making this decision because I value ? ”

Core Values

Having said that some decisions can become easier if you are aware of your core values, that is the 5  values that you believe are most important to you. For example if one of your core values is Respect, having this value will influence;-

  • how you take care of yourself
  • how you treat others
  • how you treat animals and plants
  • how you value the earth that we live on

Respect is only one value, but should you choose respect as one of your core values it has an enormous influence on your life and on the lives of your children. I hope that respect is on your list of values but since I also value Freedom I would respect your freedom  to decide not to include it on your list!

Be Bold for Change

It is International Women’s Day this Wednesday, March 8 2017. The theme this year is Be Bold for Change. The world is looking a little crazy right now and change is happening whether we like it or not. Actually change happens all the time whether we like it or not but that thought can be kept for another blog. Often we feel we cannot influence things on a global scale. President Trump, Brexit, N Korean missiles, all of these issues seem out of our control but I do believe we can make a difference. As Michael Jackson said. Start with the man, or in this case the women, in the mirror.

Get to know what your own Core Values are and live by them everyday so that you are demonstrating them to your children.

When we can stop teaching our children to look at each other and see their differences, when we can encourage them to only see another fellow human being, then we will definitely change the world for the better.