What Does God look like?

Mother to Child ” What are you drawing”

Child  ” God”

Mother ” But nobody knows what God looks like”

Child ” Well if yo(P) A special moment with NDWu’ll let me finish…”!!

I am not sure if you have heard this story but it is a favourite of mine. There are as many opinions about God as there are people who do or don’t believe. It seems it is ok to talk about ourselves in terms of mind, body and soul. It is even ok to talk about searching for a soul mate but as soon as we bring God into the conversation the topic becomes emotive and causes strong reactions. However, as someone who does believe in an energy force that I choose to call God, I could not let this week of love go by without bringing God’s love into the conversation.

To be honest for many years I would not use the word God as I didn’t really identify with the man in the sky from my Christian upbringing.  I used the terms Universal Life Force or Great Spirit but never God. However whilst my terminology changed my faith held strong. What ever challenges I faced in life my decision of how I chose to act or react in any given moment was always influenced by my faith. I think my faith made me a better person and I couldn’t see how that could be a bad thing.

The dichotomy that religion brings a lot of disharmony into the world is a sad fact.  I think this is our fault as human beings who have misinterpreted the messages we have been given. For me I believe there is a universal life force that all religions refer to. I personally choose to call this life force God and my way of life spiritual. I believe that connecting to this force brings a feeling of joy that I would hope everyone gets a chance to experience. The peaceful feeling of pure unconditional love is simply blissful. We seem to spend so much of our lives chasing love and yet it is with us all the time in its purest form if we only will sit quietly and allow ourselves to feel it.

I started using the word God again when I read the Conversation with God books by Neale Donald Walsh. There is an irony here that although I do not believe God is a man in the sky if, like the child above, I had ever drawn him I would definitely have drawn a man who looks like Neale Donald Walsh! What do you think? The photograph is of Neale and myself at a spiritual event in Sedona in 2013

Although I spent many a happy hour in Waterstones perusing the Mind Body and Spirit section I had deliberately never picked up Conversations with God. But as often happens in life, if the answers to your questions are in a book that book will find it’s way to you. In my case I was gifted a beautiful hard back copy of the first 3 books.

I started to read and I couldn’t put the books down. I laughed, I cried, but most of all I felt I had found my way home. This God had a sense of humour. I resonated with the words that this God shared. Somehow my life started to make sense. Now I cannot share with you all the wonderful teachings of Conversations with God in one short blog but here are a 6 of my favourites. If this is of interest to you then I recommend that you read Conversations with God. It is entertaining and thought provoking from page one.


We are all one.

We are all aspects of God, individualisations of God. This means we are all connected, equals, all members of the human family and in fact connected to everything on our earth. We do not have to compete with each other because we are all on a similar journey that will take each and everyone of us to the same place. I so wish we would  focus on our similarities not our differences.

We are here to experience life.

Life is not about collecting stuff. It is about experiencing different emotions. We seem to be so focused on chasing happiness but whilst we can feel happy we will never recognise it unless we have also felt sad. There is so much to experience. It so changes your perception to start seeing life as a series of experiences. Each experience will pass as we go onto the next. We have not done something wrong when we cannot feel happy all the time!

We are human beings not human doings

In conversations with God  it says we have life back to front. We run around doing things so that we can have stuff that will make us happy but God suggests we should BE first, then DO and then we will HAVE. In any given moment life is about who we choose to BE. ‘Who do I choose to be right now?’ is such a great question to ask.

We can manifest anything that we choose

We have been given universal laws so that we can manifest anything that we choose. God does not decide what we can or cannot have based on how good we have been! For some of you that statement will be a relief! For others, like myself, who have tried to be  ‘good’ all my life it came as a bit of a shock!  These Universal Laws work all the time whether we understand them or not. Our problem is that we do not fully understand how to use these laws although there are many good books, including Converations with God, that can teach us. We simply need to practice. I am still a work in progress on this one. Some things come easier than others. May be you find the same?

Gratitude is the Attitude

Don’t pray for something to happen create it and you can start by counting your blessings. Be grateful for all that you have now. Soon life will give you more to be grateful for with the irony being  that even if it didn’t you would be living a much happier life

This is my absolute favourite message.The quickest way to bring anything into your life is to be the source of that thing for another. For example if you want to feel loved do something for someone else that will make them feel loved. You will be amazed at how good this will make you feel. But don’t do it just so you feel good, do it because you genuinely care.