What is Your Favourite Part of Christmas?

I love putting up the Christmas Trees. This is my absolute favourite part of Christmas. I pour a small glass of port and play some classic christmas tunes then get creative.

No matter what I do the tree always looks magical to me when I finish it and it warms my heart, although that could be the port of course!!



When I was a little girl we had an imitation tree. My sister and I used to spend hours putting cotton wool on each branch to make it look like it was covered in snow! We lived with our grandparents at that time and I can fondly remember decorating the tree with my Grandma. It is probably this happy memory that makes the tree decorating so special to me now.

So what is your favourite part of Christmas?

And have you ever asked any other members of the family what is special to them?

Of course the children will usually say ‘presents’ but ask them again and you may ┬ábe surprised when you find out what is special to them after the gifts..

For your Parents, Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles, in fact anyone who you will be spending Christmas Day with what is special for each of them? Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. Your Mum may want to watch the Queens speech, your Dad may insist on a family walk before or after dinner, your sister may want to watch a favourite film, your brother may prefer to play a particular board game, an Aunt may insist on cooking the sprouts in a particular way, an Uncle may insist on wearing the party hats out of the crackers.

So once you know what is special to your family members can you include them on the day?

You may not want to watch the Queens speech but sitting with your Mum for 10 minutes while you watch together would be a true gift of love and may make her day for many reasons. Firstly you spent time with her and secondly you love her enough to know this is important to her. We all want to be valued by the people we love and this small act could have enormous positive consequences.

Just one more thing.

If you take up my little challenge of finding out what is important to your family members you may be surprised by the amount of love you receive in response to your actions and as we all know to give or receive love is a priceless gift.

Merry Christmas

Karen xx